Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Holidays: Swine Flu festival!

Hmmmph! So we are not "allowed" to attend classes till next week because of this stupid swine flu contamination! I am so bored, it is just the second day I don't know what I am going to do...
here is how I have spent my day:
1. Eradicating my cat's flea (Yea I know nothing to do)
2. Watching TV
3. Reading Manga
4. Watching Anime
5. Making CAkes
6. Posting comments, updating profiles, talking silly 
7. Sleeping, oh yeah a large portion of the day. 
8. Ofcourse watching Jake and Amir!

My online friends have all gone crazy and turned into whining sobs... I always wanted a curfew like thing, but this is not exciting, I wanna go out! PLeasE let this be over soooooooon ! 

I am going back to reading Manga and sleep! The most boring days of my life may be coming. 

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