Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So people who were tired of looking at my old-ruined storyboard, there's something new, the animatics...
These are the animatics for the project I am currently working on, I know there are many glitches but still I can go with more comments and suggestions B.T.W It's gonna be 3D 

Animatics are *SIMPLE* 2D representation of the story that is going to be animated, it is much more like a story board except that the poses and timing of the story is more clearer (without any sound or without any foley)

Wow I suprised myself, this is my shortest post ever, hope I keep this up from now on ;)


Showboat Entertainment-Animatics said...

Do u do 3d animatics as well ?

Mitali P said...

oh yeah did it once for an assignment