Thursday, August 13, 2009

Of CAkes anD PerFumes...#Spices

    Well, time is much on my hands and naturally my unstoppable desire to experiment was calling me... Today, I had to learn to make an exotic kind of cake and my kind of perfume...

              I hate artificial aromas and chemicals, I would rather prefer "attars" or essential oils. So to create my aroma, I had to summarize what I wanted, there        are many themes to aromas... floral,spicy,woody,fruity,minty etc... I want                                            spicy+woody for my personality. 

So let's start!
Basically a perfume is a mixture of three notes or aromas 

Base note 
This is the aroma that stays on the longest and to be added first, usu a strong base and the foundation for the middle base. I chose clove (laung) for this note, it is known for it's healing properties with warm, woody and spicy flavor, it's intense and exotic,considered a mild aphrodisiac  ;)

Middle note 
This aroma stays the second longest, it is smooth, subtler and basic in nature, for this I chose vanilla, rich aroma, and also I'll smell like cookies, ice creams and chocolates which remind me of my childhood.

Top note 
umm, this is the one that evaporates the fastest, that one smell that tells you that the perfume is freshly applied... I have not decided yet... rose oil? lemon oil? lavender? cinnamon? orange?oh this i so hard to choose!

and Bridges
well they bridge the notes... I don't have any.

Here is a diagram showing my crappy pyramid of aromas. 

So that is why we may smell different aromas after applying the perfume, after varying degrees of time. So adding the clove oil, and vanilla for "sampling" I have left that to stand about 1 week. There are more details that I will talk about later... but the best thing about making your own perfume is you know exactly what you want, and always choose what you like the best, what evokes your personal memories and feel good moments.  

Till then I may discuss with you my mum's secret to make a exotic cake ;)

#While making the batter, add a little bit of Garam masala to give it that heart warming taste and not just a sweet mushy slush 

#Add dalchini and nutmeg in the batter, roasted nuts and cocoa are cool too. 

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