Saturday, July 25, 2009

Encounter with a stranger#1 : Sanji Kun

#Warning, all of you may not understand what the heck I am talking, this is just a fictional meeting between a character of anime, and me, except anime fans no one is going to understand this, but anyways you can read it for fun too ;)

Read this and listen to the Sanji theme for best results...

12:06 am It was very late for a girl like me to be walking on the streets like that, even smallest of the noises scared me, and as if to make my worst of fears true, I saw two massive figures walking towards me through the mist... as they approached their voices grew louder and louder until I could figure out they had seen me and I was their next target.

When those two monster were near enough that I could see them, I could gauge them as the filth of the city, they scanned me like vultures... "Tell me, what a little bird like you is doing in this harsh city this night?" he came closer to have a good look. My instincts told me to run, me feet responded but a sudden jerk nearly tore my hand off, the second monster had quickly acted and clasped my wrist, I let off a terrible scream that resounded in the lonely night, again a silence, those two monsters stopped and stared at something, adjusting my eyes, I looked in that direction, someone was standing in the dark, he struck a match and lit his cigarette.

"You jerks got your way with" he let a puff.
"It's none of your business pretty face, this woman is mine, wuhahahaaa"

I knew who this guy was, I was happy to see him, a new hope rose in me, "Sanji...kun..."

He shifted his eyes over to me, "Don't worry there, this will be over before you can call home... " he tossed a coin, the monsters made a dash for him, before one of them made a run to hit him, I saw a glint of metal in his hand,

"Carefooool!" I shouted, to which the idiot (Sanji) responded by staring at me...
terror rose in my heart as blood squirted out of his arm, endless streams of blood gushed from his hand.
"Now you are really starting to piss me off..." he let a puff again, this man is not normal, how could he be even standing after all that?
"Do you even know how much this Oscar de la renta COST me??" and before I could blink, he swooped the two with one kick.
"Bagaaa" he swore letting a puff and wincing at his blooshot arm.

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