Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An rendezvous with Shelley Page.

For all of the folks out there, today was an amazing day starting with a good dose of animated films of students from all over the world, in fact brought by Shelley Page, the Global talent head, Dreamworks. Her presence was in it's own a mind boggling situation, where one's lips are sealed tight and you cannot meet the persons' eye, you sweat buckets and then you also want to ask the questions. I cannot imagine 'THIS' woman "this" particular motherly looking warm hearted woman, worked on Kung fu Panda, and everytime she comes, I am the most happiest bunny on this planet cause she carries with her this huge collection of the best films from all over the world, and then she shows it (I resist the temptation of stealing the CD's because they are no where on the internet :( so no second viewing). We had a grand time with her with my eyes starry all over her... this is great, in the end, as all the crowd had dissolved, and she started for the door, she politely thanked all the teachers and faculty for arranging this event! SuGGGGEEEEE!!! She is cool!! She turned back then and waved at all students, but I was only one looking adoringly at her and she waved me back!! (I think I managed to look stupid with grinning at the sudden attention paid to me) SuGGGEEEEE!! So humble!

I am soon going to attach a review about this event, so long!

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