Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why me?

I just happened to read the testimonials on the site of our insti, while everyone is sparkling away to success or progress or realizing their true potential, why I am the only one cringing and whining in the testimonial, I don't like that testimonial, I wish I coul'dve lied, the testimonial is so true that it needs to be

Here is mine:
"My First few months in specialization were the hardest months in Id, and they kept on getting harder, but that is a sign that I am learning....I was having doubts that can I become an animator initially, but if I've come this long, then I can surely go far, for sure!"

So lame duh!
Signs of weakness I tell you! If they had told us they were going to put it up on the website, honestly I would've hunted down the 'right' words to read, but the bare naked truth is before the world hahahaha!


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hehe. Realising own weaknesses is the first step to rise ;)