Saturday, June 8, 2013

The making of the Bee Poster.

Hello there lovelies!
We've had our hands full with many posters this month! Three of them.
Pretty much exciting time. We have been searching, perfecting and evolving our pipeline, many of us had to learn and re learn many unknown and unsearched territories to complete our pipeline.

As an animator, rigging and rendering and everything that came after animating looked nothing but just a bunch of math and calculations, much looked like boring technical stuff. (Sorry for the rigging and rendering guys, apology and a bow to your awesomeness coming right up)
To complete our pipeline we had to find these technicians, after several failed attempts at working long distance or working with amateur technicians,or simple working with those people who didn't care enough to complete the projects.
Well, there was only one way, to make the best swimmer walk the plank, and in this case, I did know a little bit of knick knacks about rigging, but that was just fun! Well, so thus my journey started into the unknown mysterious territory of technical dark side of animation (I say dark like really cool dark side). I eventually started getting amazed at the results that we could achieve and I exactly knew as an animator what I and my animator friends wanted in the rig.

Rigging is cool man, I enjoyed it while it lasted. I can walk the plank if needed again because I just learnt to dodge the sharks.The blendshapes, expressions and weight paints get tedious sometimes but animators can get a little bit of an ego here and there sometimes thinking of themselves as a God and having the perfect freedom but he just flies within the hundreds and thousands of possibilities that a rigger gives him. So rigger please be kind to the animator, he needs you, however pompous we may be.
I really liked the way it turned it out, it's not the best thing out there but we have learnt a lot and will be back with more better stuff again and again!

I'll just Buzz off now.
(You have no idea of how many bad honey jokes our team has been coming up with)

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