Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's up? This is what's up.

Hello there, sorry for not being there, as an apology, here's a picture of a sleepy kitten.

Okay if you have recovered from the brainmelt from that sleeping kitten, I would like to update you on my life.
So how is it, really? honestly, even I'm clueless... we've been on the brink of survival, to the peak of achievements, sometimes throwing money into useless parties and sometimes with just 30 rupees to commute back and forth.
For me, I'm in between some awkward space between being young and an adult, a young adult? what does that mean anyway? With the slightest hint of salary from me, and my parents totally cut off my umbilical cord of pocket money, now I live on my own, and I am the pocket money provider now.
I've searched long for skilled (fools) like us who would work for free for a cause, and not finding them, learning those skill sets when no one was foolish enough (to work with us). It's been a long  and tiring journey sometimes with a total a lack of inspiration, faith, logic, and every kind of horrendous feelings one can have. On the other hand, we get to work on what we love, and that's a big hand. Big enough to balance out everything.
And after puking several times on this roller coaster of death-ecstasy-torment, what do I do, buy more tickets to this rickety ride.

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Nilabh said...

Don't worry you have fellow passengers.