Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Renamon walk cycle


So finally done! I had so many problems rendering this thing, but really nothing is like finalising your animation, even though your heart doesn't want to let it go and live in the cruel hard world of critiques, because once it's done, there is no turning back,
but there's also a sense of relief...

so there you go ..

3D Renamon Walk cycle from Misty9190 on Vimeo.

3D mesh and texture provided
by Ryokukitsune

the alternate youtube link


Sumit said...

ok....1) Animation of hips is snappy,smoothen it a bit..
2) Left leg also luks work on it....
3) animation of tail compared to the body is is looking more exaggerated. there should be balance. initially the motion luks smooth but snaps suddenly from the midle which makes luk snappy.
4)hands have come out gud.

Mitali P said...

no way!

Mitali P said...

I mean... thanks a lot... T_T