Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here cometh the Romeo ♥

Hahah why such a weird title... I dunno why but after I see him , I feel like his personality is like that, barging in a party like that...

who would'nt be lost

fire away

P.S guys who are animators, can you critique a little bit professionally like where would you like


Mahesh said...

His head is wobbling and have unusual jerks ,

rest motion is smooth,

dont know about perspective view or what but the right hand comes for forward than left

and when he is goes down , and then for passing position , two frames after down his leg become straight immediately , i think there should be breakdown favoring Passing position

in arms they are loosened up really nice :)

i think they go bit far though than they should go ..

hope that helps :)

Mitali P said...

hey thanks mahesh... working on it now...