Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The ten +1 things I learnt this year.

Hello and welcome to this humble blog of mine.. strangers and dear ones alike... the year is about to finish and like every year.. I am here making a list of things that I learnt this year... So long 2009 with a note of changing and prosperity!

Here are a few things that I made a list of :

Be yourself
You will be surprised how much people want to be like someone else... a father figure.. an idol, friend.. etc, this always leads to struggle and dissappointment; not to mention its a rare person that loves and accepts him/herself without conditions... make your life interesting, ad originality, you are the protagonist of your own life.. you are NOT a supporting actor in someone else's mission or life.. find your own mission.

Treat people kindly:
"Judge a man's character by how he treats his juniors..."
Everyone you meet has an valuable lesson to teach you.. be willing to learn from them was once a precious advice given to me by a good friend... like wise he proved too be... people, situations... problems are all here to teach us.. we have to be here to learn from them... we should never underestimate someone because people are like eternal butterflies... constantly evolving... The universe works in mysterious ways to give what you want through people.. so never close your door to someone who might need help... he can bring a lot more into your quest.

Get up early
"Early to bed early to rise... " 'Nuff said .. and also cut the crap on the PC time.. you think you need to update your status, check your mail... reply to friends... play an online game, but you don't [on the expense of your roaming time, meeting with friends]


Keep a record
With technology flushing out our dusty brains, paper has nearly become exctinct, believe me, this article was written on paper before.. it's much more easier to think on paper!
Record everything from daily thoughts to learnings to schedule in a diary that you should go throuh whenever you get time.. you'll be amazed at your thought pattern~

Thoughts become things
Would you? can you? can't? won't? will? whatever you think you can.. is the truth for you.. for every moment in life, your thoughts are creating the destiny for you.

Fall in - and out of love properly
Hmm, I believe people are not matched in heaven.. but situations make the love possible.. so you got dumped? you had a break up? keep on looking for more because you might be actually happy that he/she dumped you...
Movies...books.. media bombard us right from the childhood about love and how is it supposed to be... then we struggle our whole lives finding true love...

[And rather happy after seeing the 'so called' love of your life after few years in a state that you barely adore]
I'm blunt, ain't I?

Pursue your passion
Love what you do and do what you love.. no matter how hard, no matter how long it takes.. it's worthy of a goal and nothing is more fulfilling than succeeding at it.

The power of now
What was and what will be is of literally virtually of no importance... as we cannot change what happened and we do not know what will happen, the only thing that has power is the now.. the present; use the present properly and you will have no regrets.

I don't know why but most of the people are "Pray-shy" once on recommending meditation to a middle aged man, he responded with, "Those things are for old people.. I'm not old" [maybe he was unconsioulsy afraid of being old..anyways] The whole world is doing it.. and it's our teaching.. and like always.. we are ignorant of this technique


Love yourself
Did you ever wonder how much we critisize and torture our own self? take it easy and do the things that are good for you


Don't forget to play!
With all this seriousness and
the strife to get to the top, don't forget the essence of life~ humour.. to some people life is a tragedy to others it's a comedy.

I may have not covered some things in this article, but this is just to share my opinions on this subject matter... it does not mean any expert solution, but you are to judge what is right and what is not...

Last tip: learn to catch a fly with chopsticks
[No. not really but it seems like fun!]

Have fun ... mmmmuuaakks!

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