Monday, December 28, 2009

A simple tutorial

As the title says...

Honestly.. I am bored so I tried on saving some of my jpeg work in progeress as I try to tell my technique that has made traditional painters cringe ;)
[This pose was found in the sale ad on a newspapers, newspapers are a great sources for poses]

#1 First you draw a very very rough stick figure of whatever pose that you want to try.. don't get overwhelmed by the fact that it doesn't look beautiful... [yet]

My main check points are
head- tilt position and relation to camera
shoulders- position to one another and the body
hands, legs and waist
don't worry about petty details such as muscles, body or figure in this case...
the eye line, the nose line, I also have the hairline.. :P
It also helps to run down a "center line" from the head to the legs running through the torso like the pose.
Flesh it out:
Starting with the face, neck, shoulders, torso and waist, flesh out the legs together, and lastly the hands, be rough with the fingers... for fingers, exagerate them, more feminine or more masculine.
I don't draw the legs if they are hidden but here is where the cloth comes to use.. I note all the affecting points in the cloth [here: hand, knee, folds, her curves etc.]
The mouth shape changes according to the face is up or down, try to remember the hairstyles that you saw somewhere and exagerate them :)

Position the hands and fingers properly.

Clean up:
If the extra lines are bugging you you can clean up if you want and add some details, usu I make another layer to add details, so I am not scared of ruining it .

Go WILD! experiment!

#4 Details :
Start adding details such as expression and accesories and character personality etc.. color it, and exagerate it!

Have fun~

Note [I am out of ideas so till I hunt for new character for this character, I will leave it here.. ]


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