Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grave of the fireflies

Wow 70th post? Do I talk that much? Yesterday I watched the movie 'Grave of the fireflies' again. Honestly I have trouble crying, and I do feel much stronger and better after crying.. 
Anyways, this movie is an anti-war movie that scapes the childhood of a brother and sister in Japan during war. It's a highly emotion packed drama that was once a novel and a true story.  If anyone knows who has been under huge strain or not eaten for days, maybe after a huge shock, they are amazed that they are not crying, but suddenly some food goes in your stomach, or someone speaks sympathetically or you get some rest....BAMM!! there goes those tears, the same happened to me, near the end of the movie, I was ashamed of myself, suffocating, I ran to the toilet (thanking God that someone wasn't already there) and bawled like a crazy kid. With a salty throat and sore eyes, I returned to the movie discussion. I NEVER WROTE ANY REVIEW OF THAT MOVIE. Something had triggered the same reaction in me, I with my younger brother were under similar conditions, now every one seems to be comfortable and pretend that it's all over.. I try to do the same, but then is it that easy? 
        I won't spoil the story for you, but it's recommended, bet you can't watch it again, not because you didn't like it but because you can't- You can't take it again. 

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Nilabh said...

Its not only you there.
when I saw it months ago, I cried like a baby too....Its hard....really!