Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Break is over

Finally.. Today I want to talk about something else... of my blog, about you... anyone of you, one thing I request of you today is please let me know you are there, comment today after reading this post... 
        Lately I have been really out of focus because of many large changes in my life and perceptions of life (my mother says, these things have been always there you are waking up)... this blog is like my dairy and a ranting place, I am amazed how some strangers decide to 'follow' my life, why? They say you're funny, you are good, you are Ok, but to tell you the truth, I can not see myself anymore, I cannot feel myself- it's like not being able to feel the taste of your own food..I feel numb but I continue to fight anyways because it is the little 'glimpse' of amazing light that you catch that keeps you going, just the reminder is enough to keep you going... the little promise that you made to yourself, and I honour this promise. 
I fear of being dead, no not death, but looking around, everyone feels so dead, why? why can't they stand for their own beliefs? Why can't they fight? They stick in mobs and fear of being abandoned when they say what they wanna say, I have seen this happening to many dear people and they are so miserable because of this... It is a really simple choice, but releasing the spirits... 

The world is functioning on a sick mentality
The mentality of hypocrites, and selfishness, it's strictly business, they say don't waste time, but what if we stop and see what a terrible world we have created... perhaps we can change it. 

well also I got a poem from the olden days that triggered how much I have changed and I started crying honestly


Peter was a boy who never wanted to grow up
So he ran away to Neverland
So did I
But who would've thought that I would not find peter
or wendy of pretty tinker?

But still when the rain falls, 
you will find me there;
and we will discuss our matters
on a cup of fine Neverland tea.. 


Nilabh said...

what to say.
Its sad, but our own fault. do we see people dead or our eyes are gone that way?
is it them? miserable, selfish?...or do we see it that way?
Nobody can possibly have the answers....its just the perspective one can have...but some things are really obvious. Really obvious!
Loved the short poem.

Mitali P said...

agreed, hard to accept but agreed