Sunday, June 7, 2009

You'd be surprised!

Well usually sunday is my day of listening to oldies and reading a book, it's never a pdf! BTW.
...and some coffee, boy oh boy these are my days, days of June. So, I decided to post two of my fav things
one of my favorite old Marilyn monroe..



He's not so good in a crowd but when you get him alone,
you'd be surprised.
He isn't much at a dance but then when he takes you home,
you'd be surprised.
He doesn't look like much of a lover,
don't judge a book by its cover,
'cause he's got the face of an angel but
there's a devil in his eye!
He's such a delicate thing but when he's starting to squeeze,
you'd be surprised.
He doesn't look very strong but when you sit on his knee,
you'd be surprised.
At a party or at a ball,
I've got to admit he's nothing at all,
but in a Morris chair, you'd be surprised.
He doesn't say very much but when he's starting to speak,
you'd be surprised.
He's not so good at the start but at the end of the week,
you'd be surprised.
On a streetcar or in a train,
you'd think he was born without any brains.
But in a taxi cab, and when he starts to grab,
I say in a taxi cab, you'd be surprised.
This one's a real danger!

and second thing is my favorite actress!
Well there is my certain sympathies with Marilyn Monroe because she was the modern woman of that time, nor that she was gorgeous, but also had her opinions and brains, unfortunately not like many women of today... I can connect with her a lot, in many ways, even through her songs, I feel they are for meee ^_^.
She could well multitask, I mean look at her one day, she's like a bombshell and the other day she's like this intellectual in deep thought or discussion, I am glad to share birthday with her, I wish for my birthday that I atleast get 1% of her lovliness
It was a shame for her to die lonely...


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Aswin Ram said...

monroe...finest ladies f all time...whatever it b..her frock is still going!!