Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eye of the tiger

Well today I'd like to share something with you dear readers one topic I never touched upon....
I have one weakness that is also my strength..
I tend to sometimes spiral deep into deep dark holes of my negativism, there seems like no hope where every stink hole is covered with giult self doubt and loneliness, where foul smell of fear lingers on each and every corner, and I tend to hide away from everyone when this happens because I have eperienced, "everybody jokes while you choke" so I am never dependant on anybody... well for now you must be wondering why this is my strength too...

Well let me tell you then something happens... destiny or not, energies channel higher and higher, I can 'see' the truth that most of the world is 'bland' and there are only few rare gem of a friends to call in crisis, then unconsciously this list is "stored" in my whenever I fall I pick up something precious that stays with me, I get more clearer vision of my goals, so I like being punched right in the face by life, I proudly put to display all the wounds and bruses while I love being a soldier not a whiner, well go on life, punch me, hurt me, bruise me or break my heart, it will only fuel me more to go on, I may shed a few tears but my anger quotient is more than emotion quotient,I easily forget people.'Change' is my only calling when the limit is over, and mind you, my limit is very very large... you may think I am mean but that is the way it is. I love challenges and I am done with this one for now. ~Breathes in the air of war~ Ahh I like it.

let everyone be forgotten till revenge is taken
well there are a few songs I'd like to share..
Enjoy your share of war

Eye of the tiger Survivor


Kill Bill - The Chase
Classic quentin tarantino
I imagine a mafia, in a speedboat, speeding away to Honk kong Drug deal. helicopter is following the boat, tight security...
BTW I wanted to be Mafia, but I hate bullets.

Green Hornet theme - Kill Bill
Badass track, Aaaah I am in paradise

Hope you are pumped up enough till now, lol

Eminem loose yourself
The man who brought me up

Now you know where the Amazing music comes from, Chariots of Fire..

Hearts on Fire - Rocky IV
Well last one, if you want a full list I am concluding in here of recommendations
this is my fav so including the lyrics

"Silent darkness creeps into your soul
and removes the light of self-control
the cave that holds you captive has no doors
burnin' with determination
to even up the score

hearts on fire
strong desire
rages deep within
hearts on fire
fever's rising high
the moment of truth draws near

time will not allow you to stand still, no
silence breaks the heart and bends the will
and things that give deep passions are your sword
rules and regulations have no meaning anymore

hearts on fire
strong desire
rages deep within
hearts on fire
fever's rising high
the moment of truth is here
is here

hearts on fire
strong desire
rages deep within
hearts on fire
fever's rising high
hearts on fire
strong desire
rages deep within"

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