Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hey I was just fooling around when I came across a never visited section of my E: Drive, all was unfamiliar and strange and I found this excerpts that I remember writing a few months back, it is amazing how fast I change my thoughts, my track and my life!! but I realise it is for the better....

" Most of the times, I shut myself up in my room, and with the headphones up to the max volume is what works, then me and Pink floyd or linkin park work together, when I am angry, I rap with Eminem, or scream with Green day....
I like the feeling of being silent in the head, I can only stop thinking about the messed up things in my life if I have a full scream in my head, then I am not afraid of anything in the world. I can manage to look silent and cold or not interested from beneath, but take the word of a Slytherin, who is good at occlumency, I can be jealous, hating you, loathing you, admiring you or helplessly in love, but that doesn't stay for long, most of the times, I'm just alone, and I like it that way, I can work in a team that understands my needs, or passion, but elsewise I can turn bossy and a very baaad, insulting, ice cold boss in that. I have a tangled past where I have tried everything that could've been harmful, somehow my life goes to the edge and the wind flips me around, lucky me.
I'm not an open book or something, the worst kind of book, if I'd be one, people call me mean, two faced, but they be with me. I hate boring people who dont have observation of the interesting things in life, I can invent theories about how can one tell if the colour green I see is the same colour that you call green, dont understand? Mind not, maybe you never will. and I hate how many times I have used "I" in the sentences above. Good luck with the waging battle of your life. "

"Another one....have fun, because it dosent matter to me now if someone or the whole world reads my diary..:)"

..." Hey, people, this is the Diablo, calling out to you once more again! The same devil that is accused of abusing, insulting, slicing people's ego mercilessly...(my motto was I laugh at people, not with them.)
But then, something weird is going on, I am turning out a poor lamb in front of something...or maybe somebody...Is that somebody more powerful than me? Not at all, no...that somebody cannot control me with power, then why is this so weird? Burrrrrrrrh! Gotta regain my posture! Say that aloud to yourself, Big D, "You cannot be a blushing stupid lamb!, repeat!". Hmmm better....Or maybe worse!!
Yelp me! yelp! I cannot lose my freedom to something like this, My life is only for me and myself! Oh...Never have I sighed in my whole life or felt guilty of anything, this cannot happen to me, people! And kill yourself before you say to me that it's-it's-it's something freaky like L-L-Love!
Eew! no way!"

Guess that was just teenage doing that to me, but still that was a few months back.

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