Sunday, March 22, 2009

MORE NOSTALGIA!! The old woman with a little red nose

Here are some more poems that I wrote once...

The clouds were grey and daises white,
I sped towards my Home,
suddenly someone called me close;
an old woman with a little red nose!

Her bright face shone like moon,
curly white hair like silver;
her head like a silver cocoon.

She said if I could company her home
she would give me a penny
I followed the dear old woman but not for money
I was looking company on my way and did not have any

They say that she will die soon,
maybe she would but she lives now
her love was gone, so was life and child;
but she was alive more than any damsel;
I would call this youth and not what you see
in Parties and TeeVees and Cabres;
I was lost in reverie when the woman smiled,
and gave me her last penny
but she was happy not to have any

The winds blew and it started to rain
fresh scent of the soil filled my soul
I remembered about my homework and ran upto my house
In the window I sat with hair damp but warm
I saw the old woman embracing the rain
It filled my heart with tears and pain,
I watched her young heart to reach
Pray like not any religon had preach.

When I grow old, I'll remind myself of
the woman that called me close
The young girl with a little red nose.

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