Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Childhood Chronicles - The ugly past.

I don't know exactly when this idea struck me in the teenage years but I wasn't exactly the brightest kid about these matters. 
It was a perfectly logical plan and at that time seemed flawless to me. 

My planning was perfect, but it was not working, I saw stupid girliest girls getting all the attention and I was too stubborn to accept that my plan could fail. 

INSTEAD, I concluded that I must be utterly ugly. 

I went into the full tomboy mode well into my early 20's until I forgot the real reason why teenage me had made up the reasoning for such a behavior.

I was stuck in the BRO ZONE.

My plan had dangerously backfired on me, and worst of all, I had totally forgotten about it, and why I was behaving the way I was. What was I doing wrong? 

I tried to put on some makeup but something always seemed off about it. And mainly because I was utterly lazy about it. I totally stopped giving a d*mn about it and gave up, makeup, being a tomboy.. everything.

And then one day.

I fell in love.

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