Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In pursuit of happiness


  Sometimes I sit and wonder about things, about many things big and small, about minds and no minds... and today I think about happiness. Everyone wants to be happy, what is happiness exactly? Is it a quality? some possession  getting what you want? or just a perspective? is it the ability to feel happiness?
                                                           Sometimes I wonder if a person who has a lot of excuses for sadness like poverty, a bad marriage, a bad career is more satisfied than the people that have everything perfect given to them because then they can justify just why they are unhappy. The people who have everything perfect in life, are just as amazed once they are rich, famous, talented or with the ones they really loved to find that they are as sad as they were before, now it's more complicated because they don't know why! Suddenly they don't have anything to point fingers at or blame! 
                                          The only way out seems to be creating some problems to justify the inability to feel happiness, and this goes on and on.. You can create all kinds of problems like someone else's behavior or the way someone treated you, you can even blame it on your partner for they way they smell or laugh, blame it on for making you sad. Blame it on your kids for being the ungrateful bunch of demons they are. You would go round and round in circles before ever realising that maybe it is you that is blind, who is numb and have lost the ability to feel happiness anymore, remember when you were a kid, before you became numb? a soap bubble was happiness, a story was happiness, getting under the blanket and imagining a whole new world was happiness. Then they told you you have to "find" happiness somewhere out of you, you thought you would fall in love and find happiness, then you thought you getting married, getting rich, having kids would get you happy, nothing worked. Resentment grows and you start blaming all the people in your life, even worse if everything in your life is perfect, then you don't have anything to blame too! And nobody is perfect, your wife or husband may be almost perfect but they are bound to make a mistake sometime or the other...they are just human, that might give a reason for you justify your sadness, but deep inside everyone knows that's not it. Claim your ability to feel, feel deeply, intensly, passionately, feel happiness! 

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