Thursday, August 23, 2012

What is it about girl gaming?

what is about virtual games that makes the human mind believe that they are in the middle of all action, the body secreting adrenaline without the knowlwdge of this virtual crisis, also fooling the mind with the secretion of oxytocin after accomplishment of a mission.

Games provide the little "win" that we need in order to feel more accomplished and it gives us a chance to live a life full of drama, sense, pupose and excitement without having to risk important investments.. like putting your life in danger i.e.

This drives me to our next point that is..
Do gamers behave differently in a game play based upon their gender?
does the psychology of the two genders differ in the ways they are programmed to face crisis?
If you are a gaming company/game designer, you may think that it doesn't matter much, just make pink candy fluff dolly games and girls will play them...some might, but just changing the visual cues would not keeping the female population being ignorant about this psychology, there is a loss of almost 50% of the population, that is a lot of profit, and different opinions for that matter..

For example, while navigating through an unknown terrain, the male mind uses his sense of direction and map skills to navigate through the terrain in real life as well as in the virtual crisis

whilst the female gamer is more prone to browse through the similar terrain with the help of various landmarks and the route based on the various landmarks relative to each other in real life as well as in virtual reality..

The male mind is more comfortable with logic, where as the female more with languages and arts.

While some may want to destroy a enemy base, some may also want to re inforce his own.. so here is destroy v/s create.

there are many things that I have observed and note.. there may be many more..

It's true that this subject may not get serious light yet, but in the hopes that someone shares the same view and wants to make the virtual world a step closer to reality may have the same to say..  

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