Monday, November 23, 2009

The Puppeteer

Hah Century !
No! not Sachin, this is the hundreth post so far! heee heee
Time passes so fast, I still feel like this blog is new... U_U

... This is what happens when I don't get tea.. I draw absolute absurdness that even I don't have any idea about, maybe an invisible puppeteer is making me draw something that he knows and not what I know... hmm who knows...

"Where's my tea, da?"


Nilabh said...

Wow...that Absurdness of yours is amazing.

Mitali P said...

thanx.. I give this credit to my being mentally imbalanced.. lol

TANMAY said...

WOW misty its nice... it reminded me ur dausers... remember?

- Tany

Mitali P said...

yea.. they are called the "dowsers" isnt that what you mean?

Anonymous said...

Hi, amazing Painting ... Would you mind me using it as part of logo?
Greetings Niko