Thursday, November 19, 2009

Renamon walk cycle.

So.. I did not really want to update now, but all my friends had begun nagging me and maybe some critiques or comments in the mid-phase could really help.. so here goes the bird...

Renamon walk.
FOr any stupid reasons, you don't know who it is.. it's my favorite Digimon from Digimon series.. :P

Fact: this is my first [successful] decent loop

Hmm, I am at the splinning stage, but I won't strangle you if you have to add something.. hmmm so fortunate to get to animate somethings that had influenced me into animation, small things like these gives you joy, and I want to do full justice to this rig..
She is cool, Renamon, and she belongs to Rika..<3

... Yea.. I can see those glitches too.. updates tomm, hopefully, this should be done by tommorow... I am not lazy dude.. just see the time of the post! Jeez


Nilabh said...

hmmm.....Good Cycle.
I think the up and down is too much for that lady and there are few snappings too. Also it looks a bit floaty....maybe you still have to fine tune.
Keep it up and post updates soon.

Mitali P said...

Yea.. a lot of learning these days, but it's so much fun yaar!