Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nana Korobi, Ya Oki.

Now what the heck does that mean?!
It means "Fall seven times, get up eight times."

(Please da, excuse my Kanji)

Pretty simple. In this world where everyone's flattered by media, false ego's and coolness, they forget that art, life, work anything requires practice, alone stray working hours in the night and mainly perservance to excel... Not many successful people have the time to share the stories about the endless hours they spent in carving their skills, but what we see are the lights they are today in and think that we can never be what they are today...

Well Nana Korobi, Ya Oki is a proverb by a monk Daruma daishi, a monk originally from India, who travelled to China to spread the wisdom.

It is a fact that no matter how many times we fall, if we fall hundred times, we must get up hudred and one times, sometimes, it's easy to get up, sometimes it's very hard, sometimes it may seem impossible to get up... sometimes you get up very slow... sometimes, it's easier to give up.

but- but even then if we find and ounce of courage to get together our spirit and get up, struggle, we can make it.

We as humans are not perfect, we make mistakes, that's what makes us human, we become mature day by day, growth is happening... but do not make the same mistake again...

Take your time to get up, but don't fear failure a bit, it can teach you many great things ... don't let anyone/anything stop you from moving in life and getting what you want , even you....

And at the end of the day, it's an adventure, without it it's no life, without life, it's no adventure

Bon Voyage ^_~
Keep smiling

You know, there used to be these dolls when we were small, made of plastic, filled with air, and sand at the bottom, punch it and it stands right back in your face, yeah, you got the point didn't you?

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