Tuesday, October 27, 2009

International animation day and the movie Dix

Whoa, so today was IAD in pune, and I just got to brush with the last two short films in the Shelley Page's "Eye candy" section, and one of my favorite movies was aired again...Dix

Dix means "ten" and it is a story of a person obssesed with a psychological behaviour that makes him think that he will get "cut" if he steps on lines of the pavements, so he just walks on the pavements, blended with a superb meeting with the psycologist and the mind of the person, I liked it

A mix of CG and live action film... Enjoy !

If you have just eaten, are a girl/girl like/have a weak soft heart/are pregnant/don't want to have nightmares/heart troubles/epileptic/psycotic/or just messed, you better not see this film,
enjoy my other posts (though I hardly think they are better than this), This is a work of pure fiction and CG i.e. computer graphics, don't sue me if you faint ~

OMG my reviews are so lame

  • produced by Autor de Minuit, Dix has already scooped a raft of awards, among the most recent, the Shoot Young Directors Award and a win at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival.

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