Friday, September 25, 2009

More bloodshed and a dedication

Well Hi there here is another doodle for your sole entertainment
I don't know but frustation these days is really making me animate bloodshed... and watching One Piece (An Anime) I think of all but voilence... rsrsrsrs ^_^

Here's the vid
Thinking of adding my special sound effects too soon, when I say special it means the one man army that is me alone *ehm*

And the dedication:
Hey thanks Nick, yesterday I was thinking how you have really been inspiring and kind with the words that you always chose to spoke, when I stopped for something this guy always asked me where I was.. since the first day's decsicion to the last day's decsision his question was the same ,

"Do YOU want to do it?"
thanks Nick ^_^
I know this is cheesy but yea there goes the bird.

Check out his blog here.


Nilabh said...

Hey ....great stuff...
and thanks fr those kind words....:-)
Cant wait to get a tablet myself toooo.....
I think I know the person he is banging in the revenge anim....holding by his ponytail...hahahha!
Keep it up!

Mitali P said...

STFU~ It's nobody it's my life my damn life, I wanna hold my life by it's collar and beat it

I am too busy to concentrate on small things actually to animate so much on that