Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love emotions in the Eye.

Yesterday I finally downloaded the renowned Norman female rig and I have to say I loved her, she was so animatable and cute,
so I tried for the first time giving her some expressions, subtler ones, and today will talk about my most favorite part :THE EYES

Eyes speak a lot about emotion, actually it's animation and body counts, but what the audience looks at is the eyes... it can tell if the character is alive or not, you can have great acting but if the eyes do not speak it's something lost.

Let me share my personal reasearch with you
Now you have heard many times that the "Eyes speak" "the truth is in the eyes" but the main problem is "How the hell are the eyes in animation supposed to speak??

There are various topics that can convey how two eyes speak (not with each other ha ha)

Darts motion (path, speed, time at each position)
Position (left right up down each corner and up)
Lids motion (speed, timing)

Final destination and it's path

Ok so I bet you think I am talking brinjals but I could try to explain a bit to you..
The source of my knowledge definately goes to the FBI investigators and detective serials that I used to watch few years ago...(see nothing goes to waste)

The police use the eye, eye darts and overall body language to know if the suspect is talking about truth or not, unconsiously we too have this knowledge and retain this knowledge, so that we 'intutively' know what the person is saying.
That is why the natural defense of liars/people who don't want to let their feeling seep out is not seeing the other in the eye, Ex: if you had a crush on someone, and didn't want him/her to know, you would not look him/her in the eye because of the fear that it will give your little secret away, unfortunately the mere action of looking away confirms your crush to the other party..

let's get visual

She looks sad, and thinking about something, her lids are touching her eyeballs, eyes to the right and down (dont look at the lips, those are not touched yet)

The same pose, just the position of the eyes, and the position where the upper lid meets the pupil is changed. I make the lids and the eyebrows follow the pupil because that is the way it kinda happens,
~wiggles wiggles eyebrows~


well the low camera angle also plays an important role in this but looking at the camera eyes wasn't going to do the trick she had to look at a far away horizon.

This could be more exagerrated I agree

I was thinking of this:

A walking scene, some one is talking to her, she is listening and then she faces to say something

Wow playing with Norma female rig was awesome, this was just a trial I will be posting more animations soon, OMG I am so impatient to jump to the feelings

But it's in the eyes, Mark it


Pssssst! If you want this cute lady, mail me, I'll mail it to you
this lazy brat lost the link sorry Still you can have Norman (male) here.

Thanks Dapoon for introducing me to this great rig, buddy ;)


How to detect a liar
"See the signs. Generally speaking, someone looks to the top left when answering a question if she's recalling a memory. So she's probably telling the truth then. When she looks to the top right, however, she's accessing the creative part of her brain, which means that she's probably making up a lie to tell you." ref: eHow

Body language : The Eye
Eye Movents and lying


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