Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Animal Idol

Well old days and old memories... this was our first attempt at clay animation, but due to study deadlines, we could only afford 7 days.. of which we wasted 5 days in planning... but the result was funnn...

It's like Animals have their own singing competition,
P.S. These are local songs, so most of you won't get what's funny about it, but anyways that was one of the 'precious' kicks I had in my life learning that 'be global, not local' sorry my international brethren...

Well what's more animating in 2 days, voice recording in the last 20 mins, we were the one and only...Clue: the snake's voice is me... and so the monkey's (me+my brother) now this is surely going to change your opinion towards me ;)

Trivia: Due to emergency of the situation, this was shot on a cellphone camera that made our hands sore and bleed, we were sitting under the table in 50 C that made the clay melt, and our tempers boiled at each other like magma.

some pics

Our tool of trade

Working undercover...Oops! Underground...

No lights difference

Our team in a serious discussion
Mitali: Damn! we're in serious shit!
Vijay: How do you operate that camera software??
All: We're doomed 

Lights! Camera! Mini action!

 Whew! But I am proud to say that our team worked very hard under impossible circumstances and sticking with me, when I said, poke the cellphone in clay and use it as a stand without moving it for the next 300+ frames or so... or when I said leave snoozing and bring me something to eat.. or when I said, we don't have the camera, nor do we have the budget... or when we fought, I SULKED in a corner...etc etc...heheh Proud of you guys to handle a sudden transformation of me into a glaring witch.

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