Friday, August 21, 2009

Kira's Laugh: The levels of Evilness

Today I am very excited as I learnt one more lesson about acting and animation... 
Although I knew this concept from the start but had not really thought about it seriously... Today as I was surfing the net, looking for some videos from one of my favorite anime " Death Note" I came across a particular scene which was dubbed in several languages... Anime is dubbed in many languages all over the world. In this particular example... the character... Kira is laughing *insanely* demonically and I was amazed how it differed in acting choices of the voice actors... 

We will try to see what each laugh says about it's character:

#The Original : Japanese Version

Personally my favorite, this is the most synched laugh... notice the dryness of his throat when he inhales... so psychotic. The pitch is about like a young boy (which Kira is) 

Rating: Evil+insane

#The French Version 

Kinda high pitched... seems like the 'typical' planning evil villain but that is not what the scene needs, he is insane, totally out of his frikin mind, but still this is an acting choice. 

Rating: Sinister+planning+clever villain_________________________________________________________________

#The English Version
I don't usually like the English dubs but this was an exception... This laugh is totally frikkin psychopath and
the 'squeals' in between send shivers down my spine. Although this is an exceptionally emotion packed laughter, full
of energy it still misses the 'clever' or creepy+eerie feeling, it's fear does not stay in the mind, it does not linger for long. 
It's just for the time we are hearing that laugh.. but the squeals are scary, a person out of his mind, laughing actually 
reacts in that way... now don't ask me how I know it. (*_-)

Rating: Psychopath

#The Korean Version
.... And the creepiness award goes too... the Korean version!
The Korean people have earned a place of honor... more of a place of horror in my heart after I
happened to saw "A tale of two sisters'. This laugh is D-E-M-E-N-T-E-D-!!
His pitch is strange and he seems to cry as well as laugh.

Rating: D-E-M-E-N-T-E-D... O.o

#The Italian Version
Well honestly after seeing the French version I thought the Italian was the same, but to my
surprise the Italian version was creepy... He laugh is almost like crying... and then he suddenly
starts to laugh... though the sync is out of place, the voice actor has a harsh throat, I liked it.. but
He doesn't sound like a boy, more like a man

Rating: Diabolical

I wonder how the Indian version might've been, hehe I must try the Indian dub and post it on the
internet... Mu...Mu...Muhahahahhaa!! hahahhahaaa....
Outrageous ! My cousins were looking at me with a sense of fear as I was carefully listening to
these laughs... and I was like, "what?? this is a part of my studies...Muhuhahahahaaa..." Hail ANimatORs!!
and VoicE ActOrs too!!

^_~ Wink!

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