Sunday, May 3, 2009

Things have calmed down

>So this is gonna be the first "serious" post on my blog, he he he as if someone reads it. so long.

So kinda things have more of a calmed down in Indian animation, people are more aware of the careers, jobs and opportunities, but just like any other emerging fields, there are thousands of people who have already jumped into animation without realizing that they are not made for animation, and the good news is that, more people have come to know that they CAN do animation, the solution that people don't waste their time according to me is "LITERACY"
(I can see your faces exclaiming, hey moron, we're already literate...we've got a degree or whateva...)
the truth is Indian Animation Students need more literacy about animators, (I admit, even I am illiterate about some things, he he he) animation wannabies should at least try animating something on very simple programs like flash, or do something in the area of their desire, so some daring wannabies can try their hands at animation, consider if they like it, if they can do it, OR IF they WANNA do it. Adios Amigos and best of LUCK!

P.S. There are several industry professionals that are ready to help students in animation, so if you wanna see them or get some advice, contact me, pleasure to be a help! Muaaaks!*

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