Monday, May 11, 2009

My Dream come true!

Hey! Good news folks...I got a new tabby cat, a small brown kitten, a tom cat, that is what I always wanted.
But boy it is hard training them... but after days of toilet training, how excited I was when he first pee was where I wanted... finally toilet trained, whew!
Taking a cat home is not as easy at it seems, the mess they make, trips to the vet, mewing at nights, shots! that is so painful to watch... and then comes their infamous curiosity...


more pics later....a tabby cat looks like this.

So this new friend of mine resembles Garfield and so is his name...o.O
....So there are several things I'd like to tell you about him.. he is still very small, but likes to sit in front of my PC and look at my keyboard in amazement, he likes the sound of keys typing... he likes to watch AFV funny videos of cats, he watches TV and likes the Vodafone Zoozoos a lot, heheehhe mews when someone changes the channel, lol.
He also likes to type to my friends on IM, dancing on my keyboard, I wonder when he will grow into a fat young tomcat! I am learning many ways to train him now, but every morning he ends up on my forehead...demanding food...o.O
Will be posting soon...Ba bye....Meeeooooww!


...So more posts coming up!
P.S. When I get time, and my foot gets better after running after this bundle of fur.

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