Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Starry Birthday to me!

This is the star Mitali Panganti
A snapshot taken from Google Sky...
SAO Star Number: 215988
Magnitude: 8.1
RA: 2H 38m 44.66s Declination: -44° 9m 14.59s
Star Type: K0
Hemisphere: Southern
HOUSE: Taurus, the Bull

... So there is a time in a year that I pamper myself with, my birthday, so I gifted myself with a whole new present that will stay forever even till the end of humanity...
tired of guessing??
it is thrilling that there is a star out there, in this very galaxy, that is named and documented after me, yup! I named a star in my own honor, happy to be born as me! cool birthday present no...? there is one more star I have named but that is a surprise, Sssshh!! ^_^

P.S. I also gifted myself a lily of the valley perfume, my fav..^_^
Love yourself! people!

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