Monday, March 9, 2009

The Trap---When ghost in the shell meets Indian myth.

Ok, I am not cynic, but I dont like the title name.....
*rant finished*

Here is a upcoming film about Abhimanyu, a teenage warrior in Indian Myth, (I am bored with animation and Indian myth, truly, not all Indian people are that religious..most of them are not, but I dont understand the relation between Mythology and animation in India)...
Eye candy:

Pretty Good, Let's see more....
Abhimanyu was a warrior who on entering the war with the 'kauravas'(the bad people) get's stuck into a trap, personally, I always felt sympathy for this guy...

A trap was set on the battle feild so that anyone who enters the battle feild, they would be stuck innit, this went on for very long time, but the only way to get rid of that trap was someone entering and breaking this magical trap....Only Abhimanyu knew how to enter this trap and break it, but the guy did not know how to come to save the good side this brave man enters and breaks the trap, but does not come back.

When he was an unborn child, he was a genius, his mother is talking to someone about the same magical trick, so the person tells his mother the way to enter this trap but as the person is about to tell his mother how to come back, his mother falls he knows only half the way as per heard in his mother's womb.

Disclaimer: This story or info is taken from my mother as info, anyone disagrees or have the exact story, please send it to me, I'll be pleased...

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