Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sesame street around the world

My favorite galli galli sim sim is the favorite of all the people around the world! Check out some pics:








Australia....(whooo, i'm tired, so many of these...)

South Africa....
Whoosh finished, and to excuse my Laziness there are many more that I did not post here, apologies to those nations...I cudnt upload, but you are my family, the Sesame people from all over the WORLD!!

Galli galli sim sim is one of my favorite shows on TV, extremely funny and educational, it does not treat little children like dumb lamposts that are thrown into constant mugging and tracing....good animations, to confess I enjoy it too, I used to watch Sesame street, but Galli galli is the modern version of Sesame, unfortunately, I dont get to see many US children interested in sesame street also includes older clips and translations in Hindi, although it does not have big bird, it has custom characters like Chamki literally meaning "glitter" and "Aachoo" funny meaning, the sound we make when we sneeze.

Okay, here in the title you can see how the crew of sesame has adopted the Indian style so's adorable!

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