Saturday, February 14, 2009

first ball bounce...

Woah, what an title or what? Okay, so I'm an animation student and i would like to share with you my priceless gems, because you are my brother, oh lonely animator! buh, where was I at, the first thing when you want to make your ball bounce, you google it out, ball bounces, see stretchy squashy drawings and dont get a damn thing....wrong!!! dont do that bro, man, all you need is :

A ball
various kinds of balls,(hey man, jokes apart, you aint no serious about this)
Any device which can record decent video

Step 1:
Bounce the ball man, you are here to animate it,
watch as it arcs in the upper most portion, toing! (Okay, who's got a filthy mind over there?)again! repeat the bounces with sounds as you see it, try to get the timimg, now thaz timing for me, anyways.

Step 2:
Shoot it
aim it, shoot it,
Shoot it through your cam, put it in your PC, and voila! have a good player which can move you forward frame by frame.(KMPlayer, Quicktime)
Note:You can use a black or dark colored wall behind the ball, you can easily note the stark position of the ball.

Step 3:
Read about it
What the maestros have to say about it, get your TIMING and SPACING concepts, your lifelong buddies cleared out on a paper, draw each frame, one by one, remember, your'e the Ninja, HiYa!!

Step 4:
When you are loaded with your shurikens and samurai swords and everlasting double power mode on, ANIMATE! Use your refernces

Step 5:
show it to your friends, put it on the net,mentors, peers, mom ,anyone I am always ready for anyone who wants to animate... but dont miss on this step.

Step 6;
Once you have approved and passed the test of the bouncing ball treat your self with a Bournville.
(Dont forget the legends, they are true, Ouch!)

*Image courtesy of Mr.Muybridge.

Meet you after I collect a few more Gems...Bye my friends, wish your fellow Ninja luck!

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