Thursday, February 26, 2009

Internet side effects

Woah there! with just fifteen days I got my internet connection and, the words such as ROFL, LOL, WTF, and OMG, ZOMG has made a way into my vocabulary, it's a bad habit I guess, because everytime something goes wrong, I literally have hard time controlling the words WTF, out of my mouth, I never was a good girl though....;)
Another good thing that happened in my daily internet dosage was, and in that, "Jake and Amir", I skimmed youtube and watched each and every video of Jake and Amir and I am a crazy fan of collegehumour now!

Another thing, we are going to have a seminar on clay animation in a college, I am going to volunteer,(that means free cool T shirts, although they are way too much bigger than us) and what's's my old college, I mean Junior college, or whateva...I am really exicited as well as nervous, because I dont want to bump into my teachers once again, they were too much of a bunch for two years (to give me tha' worst nightmares of my life)! I was happy on my last day, because I would never see them again, hope I don't see 'em.
I HATE HIGH SCHOOL HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT, OMG what the F is wrong wid me?

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