Friday, February 13, 2009

Hi, people out there, I am Mitali (Mee-tã-lee), I hate people mis pronouncing me, but known lately as Mitli (by my friends), because, maybe my name's spelling is very hard, I am an animator student from India and will be posting frequently about the things I learn and experiences I get, good or great!
If there are similar animators out there then please share your talks with me, Ok, there I go loading stuff ;)

Here are some of my first assignments, I know they suck, 'cause after a mere 2 months, I feel like, man! and I did that? No way! but you know, they are your skipping stones, they teach you a lot of great stuff!
[I always wanted to write enjoy! after uploading my stuff, but I doubt people will enjoy it ;)]

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